Mobile Honey Extraction in Ontario

No sticky doorknobs

We do all of the work. Give us your shallow, medium or deep frames of capped honey. We: 

  • Uncap your honey
  • Extract the honey using a radial extractor 
  • Filter at 300 microns 
  • Return your honey in pails ready for you to bottle
  • $3 per medium frame, $5 per deep frame
  • You get your cappings back 

We have all manners of uncappers. We prefer the Simply Harmony Uncapper but this requires that the comb be built out beyond the frame. If this ins't possible we use whatever does the job best (except for the heated knife, we don't actually use that unless it's requested). 

We are located at Hiverite Bee Supply Store, 20 Wagstaff Drive, Toronto, Ontario

 Extractions are performed by appointment. 

Contact Alana at 

What do you need 

to book an extraction?

Frames of capped honey medium or deeps

Brood doesn't make tasty honey, we can't extract frames with brood

Crystallized honey doesn't flow so it doesn't extract either 

**All frames have to be in closed containers** either tote boxes or supers with bottoms and tops. Seal everything with Tuck tape if you need to. Robbing frenzies don't impress the neighbours. 

Pails are supplied by the customer and should be no taller than 14 1/2 in so that they fit under the extractor.